Tower Specialist Division

Existing Tower Evaluation

CDE has performed almost 10,000 existing towers of different types (Self-Support and Guyed) all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our main concern is to evaluate the safety of the existing tower prior to installation of any appurtenance (i.e. GSM or Microwave antennas) by performing full and comprehensive existing tower survey necessary to make detailed tower analysis by using internationally approved and recognize tower analysis software and by following the clients’ environmental design specification.

Tower Evaluation scope of work includes but not limited to the following:

  • Detailed tower survey – physical and dimensional survey that includes inspection of physical condition of the existing tower such as condition of paint, rusted members and bolts, member deformation, missing bolts or nuts on members and splices, missing parts, concrete base pedestal inspection where in good condition or there are visible cracks or marks of deterioration and etc. Dimensional survey however includes tower face width from bottom to top, tower tapered and straight portion, panel heights, panel types, tower member sizes, bolts for leg splices, diagonal, horizontal and redundant members, number and size of anchor bolts and base plate thickness if applicable.

  • Antenna and Appurtenance survey – includes taking the dimension of all the antennas with their respective location and position on the tower (i.e. size, elevation, location on tower leg and azimuth).

  • Perform Tower Analysis using an approved international standard and internationally approved software as approved by the client.

  • Recommend possible solution should any tower member fails upon analysis (tower member strengthening is the most common recommendation that is acceptable to the client).