Tower Specialist Division

Site Acquisition

Site acquisition is an activity being performed for each GSM/Mobile operator where they need to build a new site in a certain area for a signal coverage improvement.

Below are some steps on the execution of this task.

  • Receive SSO (Site search order) from the clients

  • Site acquisition team should locate at least (1) candidate according to site availability and owner agreement

  • Initial site survey (ISS)

  • Site survey undertaken and a Site Survey Report (SSR) will be prepared

  • After submitting SSR to the client (i.e. STC, Mobily, Zain), a SAF is issued accordingly

  • After receiving a SAF (Site Acceptance Form), the LA (Lease Agreement) shall be brought to the owner for contract signing

  • Preparation and submission of complete Municipality (Baladiyah) Package including all necessary certificates from the approved Engineering/Design Office by the Municipality (Baladiyah) to obtain construction permit